Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Punishment That Fits the Crime?

My writings on drug legalization seem to generate a lot of interest from college and high school students (surprise).  Thus, I get many emails from students posing questions about my research, or requesting an intereview, or asking for a reprint.

One hight school student with whom I corresponded recently just sent me the following:

Sorry I never thanked you for talking to me about marijuana legalization. I got my internet privileges taken away for, funnily enough, smoking marijuana. So anyways, thanks.
I wonder if his parents see the humor!


Anonymous said...

I cited some of your research in a piece I wrote for my school paper:

pretty boilerplate arguments, but a lot of people still aren't familiar with them, so they need to be made.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to see addressed more often when it comes to the drug war, is, "and then what?" On domestic issues, I'm a libertarian that strongly supports legalizing not only marijuana, but all drugs. I think the government should probably tax and regulate the illegal drugs.

Professor Miron, Am I wrong? Should the drug war be abolished for a regulated system or a free market on heroin and crack?