Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pot (Microsoft) Calling the Kettle (Google) Black

Microsoft Corp made its most vehement and public attack on Google Inc on Friday, calling its internet rival's actions potentially anti-competitive, and urging victims to file complaints to regulators.
The irony of  Microsoft trying to squelch competition via the antitrust laws is amusing. 

But the incident illustrates one key negative of antitust: companies that are losing in the marketplace encourage Justice or the FTC to prosecute competing firms, often with dubious justification.


Anonymous said...

Anti-trust regulations are just one of the ways big-government extracts more money from the people and gives it to businesses that clearly cannot compete in the free-market. I don't care if I don't have a "choice" in the marketplace, I just want the best product/service. There is a reason that more people use MS products and why McDonalds is the number one restaurant. Let them really compete and we will have the best of everything! Monopolies are a good thing, they are brought about by the honest and unbiased power of the Free Market! And think of how much cheaper things will be if there is no need for costly advertising...there would be only one place to get a burger AND it's the best one! If Ford makes the best truck and beats the rest out of business, then we all be able to drive Fords without paying the overhead of expensive commercials and marketing. The people know what is best for them, they don't need an unfair playing field in which it is necessary to hire shills to convince folks to buy second rate stuff.

B said...

This is true, but the example of Microsoft is perhaps a bad one, since it has exacted its position to some extent through Intellectual Property laws which effectively declare that you cannot do what you wish with your own hard drives, CPUs, GPUs etc.