Monday, February 22, 2010

The Animal Abuse Registry

California may soon place animal abusers on the same level as sex offenders by listing them in an online registry, complete with their home addresses and places of employment.
Is this a good idea? I think not.

First, as awful as animal abuse can be, it is ridiculous to think of animal abuse as similar to rape or molesation.  Animals are not people.

Second, registries for sex offenders seem unlikely to be the right policy.  If offenders still pose risks to others, keep them in jail.


Dan Suraci said...

"...California owes $8.8 billion in short-term loans that have to be paid off by June and almost $120 billion in outstanding bonds and interest that will be paid over decades.

Over the next 16 months, the state has a $20 billion deficit in the general fund budget. That's the equivalent of nearly a quarter of the current spending plan of $84.5 billion."

If this is their top priority, I am scared to death for California citizens.

I wonder how much money they can possibly waste on creating a database and the bureaucracies to manage it.

Zachary Kurtz said...

A friend of mine, who's in a forensic psychology PhD program, was explaining his research to me.

As it turns out, Megan's law isn't helping social good of policing sex offenders, especially in cities.

Since sex offenders cannot live a certain distance from a school, sex offenders wind up getting stuck in specific areas, usually ghettos, where there's little to do all day and are right back to their sexual offensive ways.

I predict similar outcome for animal abusers.

Anonymous said...

I read an article about a man who is classified as a sex offender because as a teenager he was in a relationship with a girl who is now his wife. She was barely underage and he is one year older. Now they have a family together but they cannot live near a school because he is a registered sex offender. There are probably countless cases of this type of senseless classification and I find this all a bit insane so I am not sure I am in favor of this kind of black/white classification in general.

As far as animal abusers go - I realize that animals are not people, but animal abuse is a classic indicator of sociopathic tendencies so perhaps this is thought of as a proxy for indicating that you might be living near a dangerous person.

That being said I still don't approve of this type of classification.

Monkey Suit said...

I'm and 100% with you on this. Man I can't stand the abuse of animals as much as the next guy but when will we stop impeding on our fellow mans rights and stop placing the importance of animals above that of humans?


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