Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will Obama Pull Off a Clinton?

Considerable discussion since Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts has suggested that Obama might follow Bill Clinton's path: after governing from the left and being rebuked by the voters, he will moderate his message, reconnect with indpendents, and enjoy substantial two-term popularity.

After watching the SOTU address, I do not see that happening.  For whatever reasons, Obama seems more fundamentally tied to the left than Clinton.  He continues to push an agenda that independents do not share, and he castigates those who disagree with him as selfish, mean-spirited, or partisan.  This is not the way to win over moderates.

Obama's presidency is headed for failure unless he abandons the far-left agenda.


Stephen said...

If memory serves, President Clinton demonstrated moderate principles in his political DNA as a former chair of the Democratic Leadership Council (which came to the fore after the '94 mid-terms); President Obama's bona fides in this area are slight, and betray scant indication of a Clintonesque repositioning after November's mid-terms.

Mackay said...

I agree. But it's also interesting to see that the far left is turning on him. See Krugman's recent post

He's a man without a country right now, hence the political stunt against the banks after the MA loss.

Stephen said...

Fred Barnes concurs with Professor Miron's pessimism: 'The Ideologue'.

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