Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A 10-Point, Libertarian, SOTU Address

1. Abandon Obamacare

2. Forget Cap and Trade

3. Reject the Card Check Bill

4. Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan

4. Legalize Drugs

5. Scrap the Tax Code and replace with a flat tax.

6. Expand free trade and immigration.

7. Stop the bailouts

8. Cut spending

9. Cut spending

10. Cut spending


David said...

I predict we will see none of these things discussed.

vakeraj said...

I can get on board with all of that.

-Fall 2009 Cato tax & budget intern

Richard McGrath said...

Couldn't agree more, except to add that the flat income tax should be decreased each year until it is phased out. And there should be a tax free band of income up to (say) $50,000.

Friedrich said...

you just missed on thing

- Get rid of the Fed and back to real-value money

Anonymous said...

Replace Obamacare with what?

I suggest:

- healthcare vouchers for all.
- $5,000 per person, per year
- Thus, fee-for-service replaces insurance.
- Yes, it's expensive but that will encourage consumer choice as a pressure for cost control
- At the end of the year, individuals can turn the unused portion of their healthcare voucher into cold, hard cash.
- Might this encourage imprudence? Perverse incentive of putting off preventive treatment? Yes, but we must bite the bullet. Otherwise healthcare spending will grow indefinitely.

Max said...


I'd rather advice to use insurance how insurance is intended to use: Hedging against extreme events. Make everyday medical items not covered and only assit in cases of massive monetary burden.

This is the concept of insurance is almost all other cases, so why not in healthcare?

Anonymous said...

Why not just tax companies who contribute to health issues such as fast food chains. It would create a disincentive to eat foods that negatively affect your health, just as they have done with tobacco.

Russ Nelson said...

I think you meant:

9. Cut tariffs

10. Cut duties

And the problem is that it's practically impossible to convince a majority of people that "no plan" is in fact a plan. I think that we need to convince people that THEY have the ability and power to run their own lives. That THEY are the ones who should be planning for themselves.

Mackay said...

How about just showing this video clip of Keynes vs. Hayek

Mike said...

I love all of this, except that something seriously needs to be done by somebody somewhere about healthcare, and given the heavily entrenched interests in the healthcare system, I don't know of any very good ways to try and reform the system privately.

What is now called "Obamacare" seems more a Frankenstein monster bred between special interest lobbies and some reasonable ideas in committee in both the House and the Senate, then thoroughly maimed and disfigured in the opposing chamber, with a mandate to carry health insurance being the only important marker left in the bill, effectively delivering 30 million new customers to private insurers, or guaranteeing some new revenue for the FedGov.

It's only "Obamacare" if it takes care of somebody, and I ain't counting the insurance companies.

Shakes The Clown said...

How about the fair tax plan instead of the flat tax. I like what I have read about the fair tax.

Brian said...

Instead of a flat tax, go the FairTax route.

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