Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will France Become Lebanon?

LYON, FRANCE -- France, which regards itself as the cradle of human rights, is moving to impose legal restrictions on Muslim women who wear Afghan-style burqas or other full-face veils.

The restrictions, likely to apply to many public places, come in response to resentment in France and other European countries over the growing visibility of Muslims -- immigrants or locally born -- on a continent with ancient Christian roots. The tensions have long run through European societies but increasingly are coming to the surface as the number of Muslims grows and symbols of their faith, including mosques, are seen as a challenge to European traditions.
Beyond the fact that these restrictions are inconsistent with any notion of free expression, they are counterproductive: by isolating Mulsims they generate resentment, rather than encourage assimilation.


extropolitca said...

The Burka is a display of isolation from the local population. It is not really a sign of self-expression, but a sign of submission of the female to the male. It is often enforced by the husband, the extended family and the co-religionists.
In France, many not wearing women are routinely harassed in the banlieu, by Muslims.
It is a flag "Not Attack me, I'm Muslim, not a Kafir whore", it was introduced in Islam for this reason from Mohammad.

Viking said...

I have to agree. I don't think the WP's analysis is correct. The burqa is a sign of contempt for European values not "European traditions".
A lot of those who wear it are the parents of immigrants who themselves are more Europeanised than their European-born daughters who now walk around covered head to toe.
It may be self-expression but they don't see it that way, it's a promotion of the Sharia worldview.

Anonymous said...

I concur with other commentators - the burka is enforced on many women against their will, it is a sign of separation between Muslims &the "rest", and is in no way allowing Muslim women to assimilate with society. They usually show no plans to.

Turkey is going the other way, becoming more religious, but since the 1920s was the leading Muslim country to move out of 'backwardness' and progress. One of the reasons was the secular state.

Just because i'm a classic liberal does not mean I am going to defend the freedoms of those, who wish to impose their will upon me and society.

Dick Laurent said...

Miron, you kill me!! Muslims and assimilation. You actually wrote that with a straight face, didn't you?? That's why they want their women to wear burkas, right?? In order to hasten assimilation?? Except that the fascist French won't let them. Oh God, that's funny.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, I can't believe the comments I'm reading on this site. It's funny how liberals all want the Burka to be banned because a woman wears it to show her Sharia compliance (God forbid a woman has a non-liberal opinion, oh my!) But they won't bat an eye when they say a woman can choose to have an abortion. I'd rather have women choose Burkas than abortions...

In any case, I guess since some women are compelled to wear the Burka by some Islamic men, they should just all be compelled to NOT wear the Burka by the government. Because, like always, the government knows best...and if it fails, then it just needs more money or power.

Anonymous said...

How about requiring women who wear burqas to get abortions? Would that be OK?